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Auto Parts Online Shopping Tips
Online shopping can be tricky... With thousands on online sources,  it's beneficial to browse and ask around to ensure a satisfying online purchase.
Keep Your Older Car Running Like New
Brenda Rivera, 30, of Tulsa, Okla. does a lot of driving. She already has 80,000 miles on her seven year old Ford Taurus.
Static on the Radio? How Electrical Interference Can Affect Your Vehicle
Navigation and DVD systems, satellite radio and airbags -- have you ever thought about how many electrical cables are in your car? It used to be just power windows and lights, but with today’s sophisticated vehicles, the electronic systems have multiplied.
Drive Away with a Good Deal
With interest rates at all-time lows, consumers are taking advantage of the long-term savings on big ticket items like cars.
How to Know When You Need New Brakes
Have you ever stopped your car at a busy intersection and cringed in embarrassment as your brakes let out an ear-jarring squeal? Or braked and felt the whole car shudder and chug to a stop? Or worst of all, have you pressed on the pedal and realized that absolutely nothing was happening?
Protect Yourself from Car Repair Scams
Owning a car means dealing with auto repair shops. From routine maintenance like oil changes and tire rotation to major repairs such as body work after an accident, you want to feel confident the job is being done competently and at a fair price.




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