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Static on the Car Radio?
How Electrical Interference Can Affect Your Vehicle

Static on Your Car Radio?  How Electrical Interference Can Affect Your Vehicle

(ARA) - Navigation and DVD systems, satellite radio and airbags -- have you ever thought about how many electrical cables are in your car? It used to be just power windows and lights, but with today’s sophisticated vehicles, auto electronic systems have multiplied.

The typical minivan has myriad electric motors, solenoids, relays, switches and miles of magnetic-field-producing wiring strung around its interior that control everything from the power windows to the engine's emissions system. All of these systems operating in close proximity sometimes can cause electrical interference that will make components malfunction and static on your car radio.

“The more electronic devices you put in a vehicle, the more likely they will interfere with each other,” says Erin Wright of the systems protection group at Federal-Mogul, an auto component specialist.

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is a persistent concern in newer vehicles with multiple electrical systems. This is the disruption of one electronic device caused by a nearby electronic device. “Static on your car radio is a common example of EMI. Something is interfering with the system, and the signal is disrupted,” Wright explains. This disruption could be troublesome if it interferes with a critical system.

There is now an innovative new component available for auto manufacturers that will alleviate this problem. TwistTube 2470, developed by Federal-Mogul, offers an effective way to shield car wiring systems from electromagnetic waves. The first textile-based EMI product, it can be easily wrapped around automotive wires to provide lightweight and flexible protection from electromagnetic interference and other damage.

Until recently, most manufacturers used a foil-based product to protect vehicle wires. But it was difficult to install and the material’s lack of flexibility and frequent tearing often left cables exposed. The new complex car engine environment demanded a better solution.

“TwistTube 2470 is flexible, lightweight and tear-resistant, and therefore easy to install,” says Wright. “It also extends the life of components because it does a good job of protecting automotive cables from abrasion,” she adds.

TwistTube is durable as well and was developed with the harsh engine environment in mind. Unlike similar foil-based products, it can withstand extreme temperatures and is not affected by typical automotive fluids.

The newest version of TwistTube is currently being used to prevent EMI in a wide range of vehicles. For more information, go to

Courtesy of ARA Content

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